1. Management of complex projects with full review by third-party or customer selected inspectors

  2. Use of special anti-rust protections
  3. Machining of raw products such as rolled rings, forgings, close-die forgings and pressed pieces, fabrications and castings
  4. Different types of coatings (ENP / TCC / CCC, etc.) and overlays (Inconel 625 / 718 / Satellite / Ultimate Alloy)
  5. Certification: API 6D, CE, API 607, API F6A, ISO 9001-200


  1. Strict Quality Control
  2. Expert Technical Support
  3. Good Reputation
  4. Excellent Customer Service
  5. Just-In-Time Delivery
  6. Expert Technical Support
  7. OEM Offering


Which are designed according to standard per custom’s request: ANSI/API, JIS, DIN, BS, NF, Chinese GB. Our valve are widely used in the field of petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, power, fuel gas, city pipeline networks.


Equipped with 277 processing and testing equipment units, the production capacity of Qilong can reach size 56 inch ball valve at 900 LB class.


Our production technology and testing equipment include: Floor type direct reading spectrometer, chemical analysis laboratory, High temperature testing, low temperature testing, high speed ignited, the fire infrared carbon sulfur analyzer, hydraulic testing machine for universal material, etc.